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A new feature has been added to our GreatAdventureHistory.com homepage - the Photo of the Week!


Check out our homepage each and every week as we publish an interesting, impressive, and/or unusual photo from Great Adventure's past. We hope some of these pictures spark some memories and comments that you can share with our GAH community!

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Photo #1 - July 1, 2012:




July 1, 1974


After just four short months of construction, Great Adventure opened its gates to the public for

the first time on July 1st, 1974. The timeline to build the park was so short that the western

area, then known as Rootin' Tootin' Rip Roarin', was still being completed.

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Photo #2 - July 8, 2012:




March 1978


Soon after acquiring Great Adventure, Six Flags began a park-wide campaign

of enhancements and upgrades. The Skyride received a complete makeover with

repainted stations, gondolas, and support columns, as well as a new sponsor -

Delta Airlines.

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Miss the different color gondolas. In the background, two of the best flat rides appear.


Delta flies you to...Atlanta, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, etc. When we walked along Dream Street or down by the lake to cool off, we'd always look up at the cable cars and see what city was listed underneath. Man, those were the days!

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I have never seen a picture of orange columns, and the station it looks cool!!


The orange on the columns is just a primer coat of paint to get it from dark (tree) green to the muted green still seen today. However, at one point the Dream Street Station was painted pumpkin orange.

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^Photo #3 - July 14, 2012:




July 1981


A bucket of popcorn, a box of soft pretzels, Italian ice, Juice Sippers, Icee's, Dr.Pepper, and

a Coke - all classic snacks from the summer of 1981!


I'll take one of those grape drinks right now. Those were the best on those humid summer days.

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