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Photo #6 - August 5, 2012:




August 1975


Great Adventure's second flume ride often suffered from an identity crisis through

the years. The ride had numerous names including the Hydra Flume, Hydro Flume,

Moon Flume, Ride the Rapids, Splash Down, Irrawaddy Riptide, Poland Spring Plunge,

and simply Riptide.

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Photo #7 - August 13, 2012:




July 1982


In 1976, Great Adventure relocated its main entrance closer to the park's

centrally located fountain. The historic style entry featured iron gates, colonial

brick, and ornate woodwork. These gates would remain at the park until the 1988

season when they were replaced to incorporated metal detectors.

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Photo #8 - August 20, 2012:




Winter 1981


The construction of Roaring Rapids required the removal of 20,000 cubic yards of dirt from a 5.5

acre site. The ride made use of 3,500 cubic yards of concrete and 32,000 lbs of reddish brown toner

to color the 60 tons of fabricated rockwork. Roaring Rapids opened on June 16, 1981 and was renamed

Congo Rapids when Adventure Rivers opened on June 6, 1991.

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Photo #9 - August 27, 2012:




May 1974


Located today near Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train, a small pond was constructed in 1974 which

was home to frogs and later fish. The height of the pond's stone walls originally was lower at ground

level and surrounded by fencing. Taller stone walls were added in the late '70s and it is still possible

to see this modification in the stonework today.

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Photo #10 - September 2, 2012:




March 27, 1997


A drink stand at a theme park is not that unusual, but one located within the Safari is quite unique. In 1997,

an Ice Cold Drinks stand was installed just outside of the Australian section while a small gift kiosk was

positioned within the North American area- both conveniently located for all of your Safari needs!

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did they actually let people out of cars to buy stuff?


Guests did get out of their cars by the drink stand because that was located in the bird sanctuary where there weren't any animals to harm guests. However, guests had to stay in their vehicles in the North American section where the gift kiosk operated.

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Photo #11 - September 11, 2012:




March 1974


The entrance area to the Safari Park was one of the first regions to be carved out of the heavily wooded

Great Adventure property. Access to the ticket plaza was originally straight ahead at the end of the

property's winding entry road, encouraging guests to explore the animal park before visiting the theme park.

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Photo #12 - September 18, 2012:




July 1977


How many people remember these? Gum chewing must have been very popular in the 1970's,

and what did you do with your gum when it lost its flavor? You stuck it onto one of the many

guest-invented gum trees around the park mostly located next to a busy queue line!

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