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NEW Yearbook Page Spotlights

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Welcome to the GreatAdventureHistory Yearbook Pages!


We are happy to introduce this new series of Spotlights that will summarize and highlight all the details and particulars of each and every season. Nearly all the information on the Yearbook pages is (or will be) linked to additional photos, information, and/or other Spotlights. Each entry is color coded to illustrate if a particular ride or structure is new, existing, renamed, or removed.


Be sure to check out the Park Information section. It contains a ton of season-specific information.




We will be sure to keep adding additional materials to these as we obtain it. So scroll around, explore, and enjoy these interactive Spotlights!

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I was not expecting the yearbooks to be released this close together!


Even though the Yearbook pages take more time and effort than the typical Spotlight to assemble, we will be issuing these pages quite frequently over the next several weeks. We have a ton of material to make up all 39 seasons!


In addition, we will still be publishing our other Spotlights on the 1st and 15th of each month! Many great adventures await our GAH readers!

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The composite of park pamphlets below is something that I have long thought of putting together and what better reason than Great Adventure's 40th Anniversary to make it a reality. In the upcoming year we will continue our releases of the Yeabook Page Spotlights as well as update some of the ones we have already shared.


In the mean time, enjoy this summary of seasons past (and present). It makes excellent wallpaper on your pc, laptop, or tablet!



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They are back! At long last we are tackling our timeline or yearbook spotlights!  Throughout 2019 we will be updating and introducing new seasonal summaries of each year at Great Adventure.  


Check out our first two seasons to be updated below which now include a grid of all the features of any given season including what was added, removed, relocated, or renamed.  In addition, new content has been added to several aspects of the Park Information sections including Promotional Items, Print Advertising, and much more.


Tons of updates to follow.




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