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Day 4- Start A New Christmas Event

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Our wish for day #4:





With so many parks now offering Christmas events (some even in colder areas than Great Adventure), it's time to bring back a Holiday in the Park type event.


If Kennywood, Lake Compounce and Hershey can do it, so can we! Especially if they also add a hotel... :)

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Although I don't know what the rest of the wishes will be, I am guessing this will be the one I probably want to see at the park more than anything else.


It's only 5 1/2 weeks into the offseason and I am already in coaster withdrawal. I know it's unlikely to see the major coasters running but I'd gladly go to the park multiple times in November and December even if the only coasters running were TDK and Skull Mountain.


With Hershey's refusal to run coasters for their holiday event, I think a lot of enthusiasts in the area who are also in need of some coaster riding would come to the park if it was the only one in the area with coasters running (not counting Sesame Place with their Vekoma Jr. coaster and Storybook Land with their kiddie coaster).

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Look at the parks around GA that are doing Christmas events now:


Sesame Place- Very Furry Christmas


Storybook Land- Christmas Fantasy of Lights


Hershey Park- Candy Lane


Kennywood- Holiday Lights


Lake Compounce- Holiday Lights


Busch Gardens Williamsburg- Christmas Town


All of them do the same kind of events, limited rides/attractions open (sometimes weather dependent), lots of lights, shows, food and other special Christmas only attractions.

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One of the reasons the park discontinued Winter Lights was that it wasn't viewed as being profitable enough to continue the event. I think one of the primary factors may have been the operating schedule. The 2002 version lasted for 47 days straight and the 2003 for 51 days straight. It was open every day (weekdays, weekends, and the holidays themselves) from mid-November to the beginning of January.


I think if they reconsidered which days they held a "Holiday in the Park" event and aligned the schedule more along Fright Fest's calendar (opening Friday nights, Saturday, Sunday, and the week between Christmas and New Years) they would be much more successful. They could even hold a New Years Eve event!


Of course, adjustments could be made in following years like adding the week before Christmas. Fright Fest didn't become a success in just one or two seasons. Holiday in the Park should be given a chance!




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While I would like to see a Christmas event at GADV they do have some big hurdles. 1 they do not have nearly as main flat rides as Hershey to run in cold weather. 2, most people go to GADV for the coasters and in cold winter temps they really can't run many of them safely, through that may not stop them anyway. But if they don't run the coasters, not enough people may come to suit SF. 3. while they do have two indoor coasters, both are spooky themed and not suited for the holidays.

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A Holiday In The Park event would be a great idea. For the first time ever I went to Busch Gardens Christmas Town last weekend. It was really cool to be able to ride a roller coaster in December.

If Great Adventure did this, they would only have to open half of the park. They would close it off at the carousel and open the rides and sections on the right side of the fountain. This would also allow some coasters to be open. Dark Knight, Skull Mountain, Road Runner, and Blackbeard would be open most of the time. Batman and Nitro can be open weather permitting. Zierer rides can operate as low as 32 degrees and B&M rides can operate until it hits 40 degrees. I do not know the temperature for the indoor rides. All the other rides in those sections can easily be able to run. They could find room somewhere to put a light show and use Showcase and maybe the stunt arena for live shows. As popular as Great Adventre is, I can really see this working.

Hershey always makes me mad that they cant open Looper and Great Bear at Christmas. I been there at durring Christmas and it's been warmer than it was at Halloween.

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