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Day 7- A "new" Kids Area

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Our wish for day #7:





This one may be a bit controversial, but our park went from having some really great themed children's areas to having one decent one and two mediocre ones, all of which need some love and improvement. Losing the Balin's Jungleland area was a huge blow to families with young children, and reintroducing some of those kind of attractions in the park again would be a really good move, especially with Looney Tunes Sea Port really showing its age now. It's time for a real revamp and maybe removing the existing Safari Kids and LTSP areas and building a NEW themed kids section closer to the center of the park either along the lake (as an extension of BBNP) or maybe even where Old Country was.

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I agree with your stance on Looney Tunes Seaport. The area is getting old. It doesn't have that appeal that it use to have when I was a kid. The Hydro Flume really made the area pop. Now that it's gone and Safari Kids took over half the area, I think it's time for Looney Tunes Seaport to retire.

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It's too bad that the money wasted on retheming part of LTSP to Wiggles World wasn't spent on refurbishing the area instead with maybe a new ride (not like Big Red Planes that was added since the park already had so many similar rides) and repainting the theming.


I really don't walk into LTSP and only walk into Safari Kids when I am going from Nitro to Skull Mountain but I agree the area is looking old.

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