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Day 8- Bring Back Glow In The Park

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Our wish for day #8:





Bring back the Glow in the Park Parade.


This was the BEST entertainment offering from Great Adventure for about as long as I can remember. It was perfect for the park, keeping guests through park closing, entertaining a lot of guests at once, and not requiring a venue aside from the streets. I've seen a LOT of parades in theme parks (being here in Orlando) and this is still one of the best, even better than some of the Disney park parades.


Even if the park's other show venues remain un-used or under used, this makes up for it.

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It would be nice to see the parade return, it was probably the best parade I have seen at the park and the fact you didn't need to line up 30+ minutes early for a good spot like at Disney also made it more appealing.

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