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Day 12- Themed Area Music


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Our wish for day #12:





The return of themed music to the park's themed areas.


Music is a big part of the atmosphere of any park, and having themed music for each section goes a LONG way to create the atmosphere. In parts of the park where the music is themed (Golden Kingdom, Plaza del Carnavale) it really helps set the mood. The generic pop soundtrack that has taken over most of the park has to go.


The Boardwalk area should have 60's surf music playing.

The lakefront should have nautical music playing.

Main Street should have a ragtime soundtrack.

Frontier Adventures should have an "old west" soundtrack.


Six Flags actually owns music for almost every area of the park which was recorded for Great America, and can be played royalty free in any park. It would actually save them money in not having to pay ASCAP licensing fees for playing the crappy pop soundtrack they currently use.

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The music in the Golden Kingdom really adds to the theme of the area well. I hate walking through other areas of the park and hearing Disney music, especially stuff like High School Musical. Disney music is fine in Disney World but not at a Six Flags park.

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