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Day 15- Restore the Yum Yum Palace


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Our wish for day 15:





Restore the Yum Yum Palace to its former glory.


The Yum Yum Palace is a truly unique structure in the park, and needs to be restored to what it once was, if not better. It would be great to see the roof finally completed after all these years as part of restoring the existing structure.

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I wish they would...


- Change the name back to Yum Yum Palace

- Repaint the building to all its former glory outside

- Add exterior lighting to illuminate the restaurant at night

- Bring back all the missing ice cream and candy drops to the roof

- Adding the never-present back ice cream sculptures would be a major plus

- Remodel the interior back to an ice cream parlor feel with candy columns and mirrored tiles

- Repaint the inside to confectionary colors

- Add old time ice cream parlor style furniture

- Change the restaurant's menu so this becomes THE ice cream spot in the park with unique sundaes and ice cream options.

- If needed, tie it in with sponsorship by Cold Stone or Ben & Jerry's but keep the Yum Yum Palace name.

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