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Day 23- Add a New Water Ride


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A new water ride is really needed especially after losing 2 water rides in a short amount of time. There have been a lot of trips to the park over the past few years where I skipped the Saw Mill Log Flume because it had such a long line when another water ride being added would help make the lines shorter for the other 2 water rides. I'd like to see a water coaster from Mack or Intamin to up the coaster count or a Splash Battle. I know the Splash Battle at SFGAM isn't that popular but they seem to have more success at other parks.

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Even a more modern Splash Down ride would be nice since they are high capacity and draw people away from other rides. Not a big fan of them myself but GADV really could stand one and it should be a big draw. White-Water-Landing.jpg

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