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Rapid FIre Paintball


Have you ever played paintball at Great Adventure?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever played paintball at Great Adventure?

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This is my least favorite building in the park. Not only do I think it looks lousy, I hate the fact that it is not in alignment with everything else on the former Dream Street. The Carousel, Fountain, Big Wheel, and Granny's were all carefully laid out by a surveying crew and all constucted in a straight line. The paint ball building is off-center to the Carousel and that ticks me off when I see it! I'd love to see Dream Street reopened.


Mr. Fitzgerald, tear down that paint ball building!



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It is a portable building. I remember it was set up as a gift shop for Holiday Lights before it was repurposed for paintball. This type of structure is called a Cuanza hut. You see them everywhere in the southwest used as barns, repair shops, garages, etc. Gun magazines (the kind you read) are filled with ads for them. They are designed so that they can be put together by one person by bolting the panels together.

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