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GreatAdventureHistory Easter Egg Hunt


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It is almost Easter and here are some of the details about our GreatAdventureHistory.com Easter Egg Hunt!


The egg hunt will start tomorrow night at 9PM. Twenty four eggs will be hidden around our website (on the GAH site itself and not in the Forums or Galleries). All of the eggs can be found from the links on our NEW HOMEPAGE - just avoid the Forums and Galleries buttons.


The eggs will look like the two dozen pictured below which are all shown "actual size". The name on the egg does NOT offer a clue as to where the egg can be found.








Keep a list of where you find the eggs (which page or Spotlight) and simply e-mail us a listing of the eggs and where they were found. Answers should be sent to feedback@greatadventurehistory.com . Be sure to include your member name in the email.


All answers must be received by 11:59pm on Easter Sunday (March 31). The person with the most correct answers wins. In the case of a tie, the person who sent their answers first will win. The winner of the contest can select three Great Adventure items out of our Trading Post as a prize. Available prizes include only those that were posted as AVAILABLE by 29yrswithaGApass.


So, who is up for some egg hunting?

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Our GreatAdventureHistory.com Easter Egg Hunt has ended and the winner is.... gasmspiritblue! Congratulations!

As a winner you can pick three Great Adventure items from our Trading Post as a prize. Just let us know what you would like!


All the eggs have been loaded with the links to where they were hidden. Just click below to find each egg. Thanks everyone for playing.


gallery_2_906_9808.png gallery_2_906_5502.png gallery_2_906_4536.png gallery_2_906_10152.png gallery_2_906_2018.png gallery_2_906_4483.png


gallery_2_906_2025.png gallery_2_906_4329.png gallery_2_906_3619.png gallery_2_906_10849.png gallery_2_906_2490.png gallery_2_906_2901.png


gallery_2_906_2292.png gallery_2_906_10103.png gallery_2_906_1244.png gallery_2_906_7525.png gallery_2_906_3369.png gallery_2_906_7467.png


gallery_2_906_1992.png gallery_2_906_8293.png gallery_2_906_8473.png gallery_2_906_10282.png gallery_2_906_11567.png gallery_2_906_9543.png

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