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ACE Nor Easter 2013


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The day opened with an introduction from Russ and a special thanks to the Assistant Regional Reps. Hannah Harrison was introduced form the NY region. There was a get-to-know you game with a goal to find people that have road all the scheduled ERT Coaster Con coasters, Goliath in 2012, going on ACE Euro tour, etc. The park served cheese pizza and salad. They then played videos while everyone ate.

The raffle was held throughout the event with items like park tickets, Untamed magnets, and other park trinkets. The action included Items form Boulder Dash’s rehab including the front plate to the green car.
Our group was given a tour of the new Surf shop as well as a tour of the water park expansion. The amount of space available for future expansion is impressive. The manager that gave the tour assured us there were still open spaces that could be used Dry park expansion. The tour kept us to that corner of the park but ample time was given to look around.

The event concluded with the presentation of the ACE New England Spirit Award which was awarded to Mike Thompson who has been involved with ACE from a regional level to a national level having written for ACE New. A quick photo op brought the first 10 recipients together.

See the full report with park plans here: http://photos.newwhalom.com/Trip%20Reports/NE2012/NE2013report.html

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