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Kiddie Kingdom

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I really wish someone can find a picture or two of the entrance to Kiddie Kingdom. I barely remember it and I almost feel like there were toy soldiers at the entrance at some point near the end (just before it was tuned into Shirt Tales Land).

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I am not sure when the hot air balloons were removed from the entrance but I know they had soldiers (plywood cutouts) standing guard from 1980 to 1983. There was an overhead arch between them that spanned the entrance walkway with gold KIDDIE KINGDOM letters. This is the best picture (which is very poor) of the entrance that I could find.



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OK, that's what I remembered. That and I remember the iron fence along the edge with the hearts and diamonds in pink and green, but that's only because it was still there as part of Bugs Bunny Land (and it may still even be there in some areas).


You can see a bit of the fence (behind the van) in this picture:



I seem to remember seeing the hot air balloons in the background of one of the pictures we found when we were researching the book, but I can't remember what the picture was of to know what to look for/what it would have been filed under. I want to say they were in the background of a picture taken at the former front gate with characters or the sway poles.

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