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The Fear Factory - Mays Landing, NJ

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South Jersey has a new haunted walk through....


Haunted attraction breathes new life into old shopping center



August 1, 2013


MAYS LANDING - A shopping mall in Mays Landing has new life breathed into it with a new haunted attraction that aims to scare everyone who enters. NBC 40 got a sneak peak of the Fear Factory and shows us just a little glimpse of what's to come.




They're airbrushing, sawing, and racing against the clock to get the Fear Factory up and running. "It's been a long, long journey," said co-owner, Jim Pashley, "but I think we're almost to the end."


Construction on Fear Factory, which boasts being the largest indoor haunt in the state, started in February, but plans have been in the works for the last five years. "My partner and I went to great lengths trying to pull out all the stops on this." Which means elaborate sets, the latest in animatronics, and sophisticated effects - all in the hopes of giving visitors the greatest scare of their life.


The whole attraction is based on the Mays family and their turn of bad luck. "Its just a back story that I wrote a little while ago about the Mays family, tying it into Mays Landing," explained Pashley, "it's kinda got a little "Texas Chainsaw" spin to it. The one half is kind of their house and where they live, and the other side if was kind of where they work, the general store and their truck stop, so there's two completely separate attractions."


Two separate sides, two separate attractions, each taking about 15-20 minutes to walk through - or faster, depending on how much you can handle it. "Ah, this is, this is the real deal," said Pashley of how scary it will be, "people are gonna be, I think, thoroughly impressed with the inside of this place."


(Watch Video HERE)


Operating inside the Hamilton Mall Power Center, Fear Factory takes over a space that has sat partially vacant for years. But they're banking on this being a real success and sticking around for quite awhile. "We spent a lot of time, effort, and money on this thing, so I think everybody should be real impressed with it."


Fear Factory hopes to open in mid-August and will be open weekends until October, when they hope to be open nightly.


Fore more information about Fear Factory, click here.


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