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It's only piloted at SFNE, it seems, but check it out here. Looking good, with a more guest-centric focus (e.g., testimonial quotes on individual ride pages), and with far more park-specific phoros than the current one, which is great news. Most of the so-so copy is the same, though, which is less great, and photos can get blurry in the top banner portion. Still, a nice refresh, I'd say. Wonder when it's going live elsewhere.

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And the sad thing is, most SF parks have removed non-coaster thrill rides to the point where that page would only be 3 or 4 listings long.

True, which would be the reason why they don't do that. Although I still do think that if a person is going to check out the rides, they should be able to just see the roller coasters, because that is what I do when checking out an amusement park, I don't care too much for the thrill rides, I go for the coasters. While I understand many people don't, I think it would be easier to separate the sections.

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