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Awesome spotlight guys. This section of the park has seriously changed so much over the years that it's difficult to kepp up with. Can't wait to watch our new chapter unfold and I look forward to all of the spotlights we were teased with throughout the great read and view we got from this one. :)

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I am looking for a confirmation that I am not going totally nuts!


When this "film fence" was first installed I can remember that each frame featured a different silhouette of a famous movie scene (for example Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman's kiss goodbye). For whatever reason, they were short-lived and disappeared only after a couple of weeks.


Does anyone remember these?




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Wow I don't actually remember that railing at all but it was interesting. Movie town has always had so much promise and possibility to it for future attractions and theming. I guess though in hindsight naming the area Movietown was actually a really good idea because just like the film industry itself is always changing, the park can do the same with this area over the years.

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Wow, I've been waiting for this spotlight since GAH launched. Thanks. :clap: I think the prop is either the Mercury Capsule or the rocket engine. When was the Superman phone booth added and when did the Superman figure inside was removed?



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I hope I will Harry. A better choice of backround music would be Hooray for Hollywood. No offense, it still is a great spotlight.


There's actually a reason the Overture from Robin Hood- Prince of Thieves was chosen. It was a song that was played on an endless loop in Movie Town on opening day in 1993. Even though the area was still under construction and in pieces, that song trumpeted throughout the Movie Town section from little rock-shaped speakers. It was sort of a preview of all the great themeing that was on its way, both to Movie Town and the rest of the park under the new Time Warner management team.

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Great job, guys! I never knew there was another "entrance sign" leading into Movietown over by Freefall. This spotlight brought back some great memories. Thanks!




The Old Country/Movie Town arch only lasted until the end of the 1996 season when it was removed for the installation of Batman and Robin: The Chiller.




There was also an Old Country sign for guests coming in from Movie Town.



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What do you know, there's a "Then & Now" hidden in the Movie Town Spotlight!


Everyone, say it with me - "Theming is good. We like theming!" :)


1991: The side of Splash Water Snacks (pre-Time Warner)



1993: The side of the renamed HBO Commissary during the Time Warner years


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So that's what they play there? Do you know all of the songs they play in Movietown, I would love to download them off iTunes!


I don't have a complete playlist - yet! ;) The songs I mentioned can be heard at the links below:


North and South Main Theme


Disney's Rocketeer Main Title/Takeoff

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