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Gillian's FunLand in Sea Isle City Closing

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It's always sad to see a park close especially when they said one of the reasons was Hurricane Sandy.


I also noticed the article said they had trouble attracting families with older children. When the park first opened I remember the owner stating they didn't want the park to bring in older kids and teens so they purposely left out thrill rides. Maybe they should have tried to have a few major rides in the park to help balance out the ride selection. I know space was very limited there and something that didn't take up a lot of space like a S&S Double Shot might have worked well.

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That is too bad. I never went there but found this photo online from an old article . I really don't have much luck getting into Gillian parks. Every time I go to Ocean City NJ that park is always closed for the day or opening later at night. I try to stop there on my way to Wildwood.



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The park in Ocean City does have some strange hours (same with Playland's Castaway Cove). I usually go to Ocean City a couple times a year when I am going to Atlantic City and even in early June, they didn't open until 6:00 and then other times like after Labor Day when school is in session they are open in the middle of the week at night in early September.

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