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Great Adventure Clowns


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How do I upload pictures? I have clicked on the "Upload" button, but then I get to a screen and there isn't anything that I can click on. Please send me directions to upload pictures.


I was a clown at GA from 1981 to 1985. I have lots of pictures of the clowns and other costumed characters from this time period. I worked with Greg Gillette--whom (I see) is part of the team that has helped to build this website.


Thanks for your help.


Peter Cincotta

"Juggles" the Clown




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Welcome to the site Peter! You can upload your photos to the Clowns album: http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Forums/index.php?app=gallery&category=376

Your member name will be shown as the owner of the photos.

Can't wait to see your photos and welcome any stories you can share with us!

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Be sure to check out the photos our new member pcincotta recently uploaded to our Clowns gallery. There are several really cool vintage shots as well as some great captions. Here are a couple of samples:



This is a great picture of Bubbles (Karen Cascarino; red wig), Juggles (Peter Cincotta; orange wig), and Fritz (Greg Gillette; on the left). This picture was taken on August 13, 1984. Bubbles was in her ninth year at the park and Juggles was in his fourth year. I think Fritz was in his third year at the park. Being a clown at Great Adventure meant playing with children and joking with adults all day long--a great job! This picture was taken in Kiddie Kingdom which was one of the locations on our daily schedule.



Two clowns, Fritz (in hobo costume) and Juggles (in orange) pass six clubs while balancing on the wall around one of the rides in Kiddie Kingdom. This picture was taken on May 26, 1984. This was fun to do and fasinating to watch!

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A few weeks ago, our member pcincotta (Peter) was very kind and allowed us the opportunity to scan his photos from his days as Juggles the clown at Great Adventure.  We are pleased to add these clown photos to our historical collection and share them with our readers.  Additional photos from Peter's album will be added soon including ones of the Shirt Tales characters, backstage clown photos, and special promotional trip pictures.


Thanks Peter! 


Click the title below to view the photos.  Samples follow.











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Just added to our galleries is a great collection of photos which give a backstage look at being a clown at Great Adventure in the mid-80's.  Some samples are below, but click HERE to see many more.  Many thanks to our member pcincotta (Peter) for sharing his photos.  (And yes, that is Bruce Jenner in the photo below!)














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