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Batman: The Ride


Batman: The Ride's Track Color  

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It looks like riders would be upside down for a while in the concept art where the zero g roll is on the actual ride. Also interesting how there was going to be a city skyline on top of the station.

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For your viewing a pleasure, here is the original promo video presented at the park during the summer of 1992 to promote the new Batman The Ride attraction for 1993. Click the image below (fiile is large - give it a minute to load).


And here is something to think about.... if Six Flags Great America had a bigger plot of land available for their Batman ride, all the other Six Flags parks would most likely have a larger inverted coaster today.



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I didn't realize that the backwards train(s) seem to travel from park to park for "limited runs" until I read about the idea it was coming to SFOG this year on Screamscape. I think it's still possible, but they just want to wait to announce until they know the State will approve it for riders (which is never a "given" in New Jersey).

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The effects still work, sporadically. One day they will work, next visit they don't, then they work again. One effect I don't like is the children playing soundeffects in the outer park queue, its very annoying. Also I want to add that Batman's station is in desperate need of a reroofing. Its metal roof has huge rust holes in it. 

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