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Great Adventure Fisher Price Viewer Film


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I just uploaded a video of the classic Great Adventure Fisher Price Viewer which dates back to 1977. Keep in mind, the video is old and the transfer to video was recorded with a camera looking through the eyepiece. My only alternative would be to unassemble the movie cartridge and have it transfered but I believe that would damage the toy.


So click on the image below and enjoy this "dirty movie" (as in unclean not adult content)!





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If anyone is interested in what the text says in the viewer here is a transcript:



Great Adventure - Two Parks In One



The largest Safari Park outside of Africa

where animals are allowed to roam free

in their natural habitat.


THE animals in the park are provided

with food that they would fin in the

jungle or the forest or on the plain.

Some prefer their food very low,

and some like it very high up.


ELEPHANTS, the largest land mamamal,

spend 18 hours of every day eating

and can drink 30-50 gallons of water

in that same period.


MANY of the animals travel in bands or

families. In most cases the strongest and

most celver male acts as leader but

his position is often challenged by

other jealous males.


ZEBRAS are actually white with dark

stripes. This coloring, which makes them

hard to see is a defense from enemies,

though the Zebra has a keen sense of

smell, can run very fst, and is a fierce



THE lion is the king of the jungle,

although its the lioness who does most

oof the hunting. When she's on the prowl

all the other animals know to beware!


WELL, most of the animals know to

beware. This big fellow knos that in

Safari Park all the animals are treated

like kings, and so well fed that no one

as to hunt




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