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7/27 TR


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I finally got to head out to the park today, the threat of rain kept crowds away meaning lots of walk ons and station waits for most of the major coasters.


I went to Superman first at opening to ride it before the line would get long. It had a wait in the station, a 2-3 train wait for the second row. At the exit the ride op was giving people high fives, something I liked that also happened at other rides. After riding my dad tried to get a soda from the Superman gift shop but the register was giving the cashier problems. When I decided I also wanted a bottle of water they were nice about it, they let me take it and drink it and pay for it later when the register started working.


While my dad was dealing with the register issue I walked on to Green Lantern in the second row using the single rider line. After I rode it the register issue still wasn't solved so I went to El Toro on my own. I arrived to see a half empty station and a walk-on for the last row. After that the front row of the last car had no one waiting for it so I got a re-ride in that row. By that point my dad finally found his way over and I rode Toro one last time, again in the back.


Next I went to Bizarro since I had seen that Zumanjaro was down, again it had a half empty station and I had no real wait for the third row, with a reride in the last row. I find it to be a solid ride, I hope it doesn't go anywhere anytime soon. After that trips on the Log Flume, Skyride, and SkyScreamer were my last rides before getting my lunch, a very tasty pepperoni flatbread pizza from Mama Flora's. It actually might have been the best pizza I've had in a park. I also liked the music on SkyScreamer and the ride op was having fun with the guests through the speaker too.


After lunch I visited the museum, and got to meet Harry for the first time. It was nice meeting you and I enjoyed the museum quite a bit. The RT car struck a chord for me since just a couple of years ago I was sitting in that car riding the coaster. I also liked seeing the Joust-a-bout control panel, for a wannabe ride op like me that was cool to see. The Sci-Fi robot was cool too, I could go on...


After that I rode Skull Mountain in the last row and Nitro twice, all with station waits. I don't get the complaints about it being rough this year, I rode in the B train towards the back both times and I felt no roughness at all. BTR also had a station wait for the front row. All were good rides. Next was Dark Knight in which I was the only person in the line when I first got in. In the preshow while Harvey Dent was speaking the regular lights were dimming but none of the show lighting was on. When the Joker started speaking all the show lights came on at once with a loud noise which startled everyone, the ride ops seemed to be having a lot of fun today with the low crowds.


Finally I had about an hour and 40 minutes left (I had to leave at 5) with only Ka and Zumanjaro left. With all the walkons and station waits I had all day I figured Ka and Zu would have about a 30 minute wait each. Well they would if they could both run at full capacity. The line for Ka was not even at the 60 minute sign yet the wait was an hour and 15 minutes due to the ridiculous procedures the state put in. This blew through all of my remaining time and left me unable to ride Zumanjaro. This left me a bit frustrated, but my Ka ride was quite good which made up for it.


Overall it was a great day in the park, and Zumanjaro will be the first thing I go to whenever I come back.


Final Ride Count:

El Toro: 3x

Nitro, Bizarro: 2x

Kingda Ka, Skyride, Log Flume, SkyScreamer, BTR, TDK, SUF, GL, Skull- 1x each

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Glad to hear the music is still working on Sky Screamer -- figured they would have let that one slide by now but it adds a ton to the ride. And it sounds like it took 20 - 30 mins to pay for that Coke! It amazes me how long it takes to deal with retail issues at the park.

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