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Epcot’s Maelstrom closed, being replaced by ‘Frozen’ ride

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I am not surprised they are just redecorating Maelstrom.


Worked well enough for the Living Seas.


You're right Harry, Epcot needs that one ultimate defining ride like Tower of Terror or Expedition Everest. Epcot is in a kind of identity crisis, I would love to see them reposition themselves toward the 10-18 demographic and invest in some high thrill rides. Who knows, maybe we'll see a B&M one day.

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The ride opened to a reported 300 minute wait yesterday. Even if I knew it was my only visit to a park and I likely wouldn't be returning, there is no way I would wait 5 hours for any ride. I guess it will be one of those rides that you need to reserve exactly 60 days in advance to have any chance of getting a FastPass+

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