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10/25/14 Trip Report (Fright Fest)


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I went to Great Adventure for the third time this season on Saturday October 25th, 2014 for Fright Fest. This marked the first time ever that I went to GA 3 times in the same calendar year. I arrived at the park just after 11:30 am and bought the platinum Flash Pass knowing it was going to be super crowded. This was the first time I purchased the Platinum Flash Pass at Great Adventure. I could ride every coaster twice after waiting once. I could not ride the Safari, Skyscreamer, or Zumanjaro twice. I purchased the Platinum pass at Six Flags New England this past summer.


After purchasing the Flash Pass, I decided to choose Kingda Ka as my first ride of the day, but moments after I arrived at the ride, the ride had "closed" for some reason (it was still operating), but Zumanjaro just opened. On my Flash Pass, I receive alerts on ride openings and closures. Instead of Kingda Ka, I chose to pick up where I left off from ROTB Seis, I rode Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom first. As I made the long walk to the station, I received an alert that Kingda Ka had just "reopened". I got to Zumanjaro and sat with 2 other girls who were riding for the very first time and they were a little nervous. I rode ZDOD for the third time ever. My next stop on my previous visit would have been Kingda Ka, and that was going to be my next ride of the day. It was an absolutely beautiful fall day to be at Six Flags, unlike ROTB, where it was hot, steamy, and stormy. After Kingda Ka, I purchased my Fright Fest pass to do some of the Fright Fest attractions.


Even though I have been on Kingda Ka for the last two seasons, believe it or not, it was my first time riding KK in the 2014 season. Since I had the Platinum FP, I got the chance to ride twice and that is exactly what I did. After getting off the ride, I purchased my ride photos from KK and also my 2015 Season Photo Pass, knowing I will be back next season as well. One of my goals of my final visit to GA in 2014 was to ride KK because I didn't get the chance to during my last two visits. Since I did KK and ZDOD to begin my last visit this season, I chose El Toro as my 3rd ride of the day. I arrived at "The Bull" for my next stop, and the restraint that holds you down was really pushed into me, and the girl asked me if I was okay after leaving the ride, because she got the impression that it shook me a little, but I am not going to let that stop me. My next ride was Bizarro, and last time I was there, I broke a record on the ride, I rode it 4 times. I rode Kingda Ka, El Toro, and Bizarro twice at this point.


My next stop was the Green Lantern because I did not do it last visit, normally, I do not do this ride more than once because it is so painful and uncomfortable at times. I did it twice this time around, breaking a new record. After GL, my next ride was Superman: Ultimate Flight, and that was down the last visit. I broke a new record on SUF, I rode that twice as well. It was around 3:30 at this point, and the park was starting to fill up fast. But It was time to get over to the other side of the park, because it was going to my last visit until next season.


I decided to settle things down just a little bit and ride the two indoor coasters that have a little bit of a Halloween theme to them, Skull Mountain and the Dark Knight. The last time at ROTB during the weather delay, I rode those coasters twice to kill some time and knowing I had nothing to lose. I rode SM and TDK twice as well. After TDK, I rode the Skyscreamer, because that is one of my favorite non-coaster rides at GA, and they were playing "Born To Be Wild" as we were going up. I rode that once.


My next ride was Batman: The Ride and I cracked double digits on the ride total for the day. I rode that twice, the last time I rode BTR twice was Riding of The Bull Cinco in 2013. I made my debut as an ACE member that day and that was my first ever ACE event. After Batman, I saved one of the best coasters because night was beginning to fall and Nitro is so wonderful anytime after sunset. I got on the Flash Pass line for Nitro, and the regular line was moving faster than the flash pass line, I got on the ride after waiting at least 30 minutes on the Flash Pass line, that was the longest I had to wait all day. But it set up perfectly because the sun was going down, and I got to see the sunset on Nitro. I normally save it to be one of the last rides of the day, but with the way the flash pass line was moving, I decided to do another ride to close out my visit. It was after 6:00 at this point, and I got a call from my dad to say he is coming to pick me up around 8:00. That was the plan was to leave around 8-8:30ish. I chose to ride Kingda Ka again as night descended upon GA. I saw a little of the Awakening, but not Dead Man's Party. It was so packed at this point. My plan was to ride KK, then ET and go home.


I got over to Kingda Ka, and the flash pass line was moving at a snail's pace because it is so packed, in my opinion, that line should move a little bit faster, and paid a lot of money for the Flash Pass. I wasn't going to complain because it is not worth the time and aggravation. I had a conversation with two people in front of me and we got talking about amusement parks, sports, etc. One woman in front of me had a Derek Jeter sweatshirt on, and I told her that I am really going to miss him next year and it won't be the same. I got on Kingda Ka, and I let the two women go in front of me even though I was there before them, I always let women go first, but they let me go in front of them, so they could ride with their kids and really appreciated the kind gesture. I got on Kingda Ka just after 7, and rode it twice again. I rode KK 4 times, tying my record from the last time I rode it, and that was September 7, 2013, my ACE debut.


My last stop of the night was going to be El Toro, I had never closed out my visit with El Toro, if I can't close with Nitro, I would want to close out the day by riding the bull, my second favorite ride in the park. Unlike Nitro and KK, the Flash Pass line moved extremely fast, and I was up there in a short time, I got off my last ride at 7:40. My next stop was to return the Flash Pass for the day, and that line was crowded as well and there was a full line inside as well. This place is absolutely insane right now and I called my dad to let him know I am waiting for the shuttle to the drop off lot. My dad was sitting in traffic on Route 537 and didn't know how long it wasn't going to take. He had to literally talk his way so he can come get me, he had to turn around and he went in the entrance on the other side of the road. There were a line of cars backed up from Interstate 195, as I was going home. My 2014 season at Great Adventure had came to a close and I can't wait to be back at the park for the 2015 season, it will be here before you know it.


This is not going to be my last theme park visit for the 2014 season, on Thursday, I will be flying for the very first time in my life to see some friends who I have not seen in three years, and while I am there, since they live in Mason, OH. I will be visiting Kings Island for the first time ever on Halloween night. I am very excited about and it will be my seventh different park I will visit this year.

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I hope you enjoy your visit to King's Island. That's the closest Park to us and the Grandkids use it a lot. Please give us a good trip report for your visit to K I ,,,,and be sure to try some 5 way Cincinnati Chili !!

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I have the honor to be one of the "Plank-Owners" in THE BEAST, KING'S ISLAND'S outstanding wooden Coaster, now ending it's 34th season of thrilling riders. Frank Thompsom, former Operations Director in the first team at Great Adventure went to Kings Island in a similar job when 6 Flags bought G A. I worked at a college in Indiana not far from K I and stayed in touch with Frank after his move to Ohio.


In April of 1979, He invited me to attend the opening ceremony for THE BEAST, I did, and in a raffle of names drawn from a hat that April morning I was one of those visitors selected to ride in the first train dispatched after the gates were opened to the public. They loaded us into the train, shot tons of photos and video, before the Park opened, then when the gates opened, but before the guests could get there, they sent us out of the station and up that long slow climb on the first hill... WOW, WHAT A GREAT RIDE...and it still is !! When you look down the first drop at that little gopher hole in the ground your train is headed fo, it really plays mind games with you !!

Yeah I am sure the ride people had tested it..but I have a Plaque identifying me as a PlankHolder on the First Public Run and that is a very special award to me.

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(mayor al) - Thats so cool! I currently work at Kings Island and was on the Beast crew 2010 & 2011 and have worked the ride every season since. I'd love to see any Beast memorabilia you may still have.

Working that ride is unlike none other.

And to bgr861509 enjoy KI! Make sure you ride Beast on a non wheel seat (Car 6 middle row is my favorite)

And if you want to ride Xtreme Skyflyer the tickets are only $5.00 for the first few hours of operation and tickets can be used at any time throughout the day.

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What do you do currently at K I ? Several of my kids (all in their 40's) have season passes for their families and do several visits each season. I am limited to a walker and not getting out a lot these days so I enjoy the photos and videos they share.


One thing I found interesting on all the Park's websites are the job descriptions and application process that is now all on-line rather than 'mass-interview ' as it was in the Past.

K I has a 4-Tier Job classification for their "Security Associates" that basically covers 1. Gate, Night Building and Parkng lot Patrol, 2 Loss Prevention/Dispatch/EMS. 3 Park Walking units and Crowd Control. 4 Certified Police(armed) Officers(Supervisors).


GA has the different functions, but not in a structured personel chart ( or it didn't a few years ago.)

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I'm currently the Head Supervisor at "Xtreme Skyflyer" our Skycoaster attraction. 3 2 1 Flyyyyy

(Thus why I ask so many questions about sfgads Skycoaster)

I was on the Beast crew 2010 and 2011, my absolute favorite ride to work. Lots of memories made there.


Funny you mentioned that security position, I almost applied for that last off season.

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Tip of the Hat to you, my young Friend. Enjoy the time you have in the Theme Park environment...I sure did. Even with the evolution of the corporate operation, there must be fun to be had. When I was active enough to get around K I , I found it to be a well organized Park. That was before the waterpark was added..but the College Football Hall of Fame had some kind of ticket share arrangement with Paramount so we would visit both facilities when we came up there.


Now our prime reason to head for Cincinnati is to shop at JUNGLE JIM'S !!

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