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Current G.A. rides that you have never ridden


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I don't do up charge rides either, so I haven't been on any of those. And I haven't been on twister or superman. I know, no superman!? The GD line is always so long ,when it is operating ,on the days I'm there that it's just not been worth it for me. From what I hear I'm not missing much. I'll get on it, I promise!

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I have gone on almost every current ride including the up-charges. The only ride I have not been able to get on is Zumanjaro. Every time I go to the park, that ride either breaks down or has a four hour line. The few times i could of gone on it,no one else in my group was convinced to do it. Next season I am going to go with another coaster enthusiast on a dead day, probably a Tuesday or Wednesday, and make sure we go on Zumanjaro first. And to the person that said the twister restraints look painful, you are correct, they hurt.

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