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10/31/14 (Halloween)- 11/1 Kings Island TR


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This past Friday night, which was Halloween, I made my first ever visit to Kings Island, located in Mason, OH, about 25 miles from Cincinnati. I flew for the first time in my life on Thursday to Dayton International Airport from upstate New York with a layover in Detroit. I went to Ohio to visit two friends of mine who I have not seen since the summer of 2011. I spent the day Thursday catching up with my friends, Angie and Joe and preparing for the next few days in the Buckeye State. Besides going to Kings Island, which is right near their home, I was also going to the Ohio State University for a football game the same weekend as well.


Now onto the actual visit to KI, I arrived at the entrance of the park just after 5:00 on Friday evening, and the day weather wise, was raw and chilly, but I had no doubt that KI would still be open for the last weekend of the season. As soon as I got to the front gate, Angie and I went through security and entry, the security guard, Marcus, was so nice enough that he let her go through with me so I can get settled in. I had purchased a Fast Lane for the night thinking it was going to be busy, but however, that was not the case because of the weather was so cold and damp. The Fast Lane was not necessary, and this brings me to my 2nd part of the pre-ride experience, Caleb, who was a supervisor, overrode the Fast Lane for Sunday, a beautiful day for the last day of the 2014 season. This was customer service at its finest and I thank Marcus and Caleb for assisting us through the process and for going above and beyond.


I wanted to ride Banshee for the first time ever, but it was closed to begin the night because of the weather, I think to myself, I will come back when it opens, no problem. My first ever ride at KI was "The Bat", a suspension coaster right in the same area of Banshee. I thought it was a good coaster to start out with. Banshee was still testing, I chose Delirium, a spinning style ride, similar to one I rode at Seaside back in September. That was a fun way to start the night. After that, I decided to walk around the park to get a feel for the place because it was my first ever visit. I chose to ride the Racer, a racing-style coaster, extremely similar to Rolling Thunder. I rode both sides of The Racer, including the front row on the Red train. There was hardly any wait for the Racer.


After riding the Racer twice, I walked the area a little more, the park is dead because of the weather and Halloween, everyone is trick-or-treating, my next stop was Flight of Fear, an indoor coaster, similar to the Rock-N-Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios in Disney. There was hardly anyone in the station, I rode that once. The ride next door, the Firehawk, similar to Superman, was the next ride I chose to do. I really liked that ride, it is similar to SUF, but different, you lay on your back, and it makes you feel like your flying.


At this point, I got on 5 rides, I wanted to ride the Beast, which is located in the Rivertown section of the park. It is tucked away in the back of the park, and I heard a lot of good reviews about this particular ride from other members and coaster enthusiasts alike. I wanted to try it out for myself, and I was completely in awe of this coaster, I love this ride already. While I was on the Beast during the second lift hill, I met three other coaster buffs, Morgan, Brendan, and Tom, who were all from Ohio, and they asked me if I wanted to tag along with them for a while, and I said okay, and we chose to do Diamondback as our next ride. In my opinion, the Beast is one of the best wooden coasters I've been on. It opened in 1979, and it is one of KI's top attractions there. In my opinion, it has El Toro beat.


My next ride was the Diamondback, a hyper coaster similar to Nitro, and I rode in the back row for my first encounter, this coaster is faster than Nitro, it goes 80 miles per hour, it was so fast that I had to catch my Ohio State wool hat in thin air, it really is that intense. This really has Nitro beat, there are two seats in each row, every other row, it is two seats together, and all other rows, spread out. My coaster buddies for the night asked me if I had rode the Banshee yet, and I have not, that was going to be our next ride.


The Banshee, which opened this past April, was my next stop, and we all agreed to ride in the front row, and this was a great way to make my Banshee debut. I really loved this coaster, it is just that good. In my opinion, it has Batman and Bizarro beat, and since it was my first ever ride, I purchased my ride photo and keychain from the ride. Since there were hardly any lines, we decided to ride again, this time in the back row. I really liked the front row of Banshee, it was so cool. Brendan and Tom decided to go eat and also had to film, and while we were waiting for the back row, someone decided that it was okay to film the ride, and that is a no-no in most amusement parks. Morgan and I, on the other hand, decided to go on a few more rides and get to know each other a little more.


Morgan and I decided to go on a few more rides despite the cold and damp conditions, we decided to ride Firehawk, and this was my 2nd ride. After Firehawk, we decided to ride the Beast and Diamondback in the front row, I really enjoyed going on the Beast and Diamondback with my new buddy, Morgan, who used to work at Kings Island a while back, and she saw a few people fooling around and decided to speak up and tell them to knock it off because it was her home park. Anyway, we rode the Beast and the Diamondback in the front row, and in my opinion, they were both cool in the front. It was getting close to 10:00, and she had to get ready to leave and wake up for work the next morning. I really enjoyed getting to know her, Brendan, and Tom, and they were fun to hang out with.


Banshee had closed for the night because of the low attendance and the cold conditions, my next stop was to figure out what I was going to do next, it was getting close to 11:00, two hours before closing time. It was Halloween night, but it sure did not feel like it at the park, all of the zombies and characters chose to sit the night out because of the weather. I wanted to ride the Bat again in the front and back rows, and there was a point that I was the only one on the ride. It felt like an exclusive ride time session. Most of the steel coasters were down because of the weather and cold temperatures.


Since Banshee was closed, I wanted to ride the Beast as much as I could before leaving for the night, and that was one of the few rides that were open. I wanted to experience the back row on the Beast, and it was just as good as the front row was, since there was nobody in the station, the crew let me stay on there as long as I wanted. I rode the Beast 10 times in all on Friday night into early Saturday morning. I even felt some flurries while riding the Beast. I rode in the middle a few times as well.That was one of the most incredible rides that I've ever been on, and thank you for all the advice to ride it at night. I chose the perfect night to go to Kings Island, despite the weather. I left the park close to 1:00 am, which was closing time, it was time to shower and go to bed, and my friend came to get me in the middle of the night. I had an amazing first experience at Kings Island, and I will be back again on Sunday, the last day of the 2014 operating season. I was going to Ohio State for a football game on Saturday night, and it would be my first time ever going, my friends have been wanting me to come for a while. I am also a big college football fan as well, I went to Notre Dame last year with my dad.

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