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11/2 Kings Island TR (Last Day of 2014 Season)


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After having one of the best times of my life at yesterday's Ohio State football game in which the Buckeyes won and now here we are, the last day of the 2014 theme park season at Kings Island. I made my KI debut two days ago in cold and damp weather, and this is the exact opposite of that. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be at an amusement park for the last day of the season. Prior to today, I have never been to an amusement park on the last day of the operating season. This was my 10th visit to a amusement/theme park this year.


I arrived at the park just shortly after 11:00 Sunday morning, and my first stop was to purchase my ticket and fast lane pass for the day. The Fast Lane pass differs in so many ways from the Flash Pass at Six Flags Great Adventure. It is a wristband which allows you to ride as many times as you want during the visit, unlike the Flash Pass which tells you which time to ride. I thought this was a pretty neat way for the Cedar Fair parks to make money.


I decided to choose the Banshee as my first ride of the day, and I rode it twice in the middle rows. I did not find a huge difference from the front and back rows. I rode that twice to begin the final day of the 2014 season. My next stop was Delirium, the spinning ride I liked the other night, I was in the third seat. After Delirium, I wanted to ride the Drop Tower, and I was really impressed with it, it provides amazing views of the park and the area itself. It wasn't as tall as Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom, and I have been on that three times. Some people came off the ride scared, and to me, this was absolutely nothing compared to what I have been on.


After conquering those three rides, I wanted to walk the park a little more, and let me tell you it wasn't too crowded at all, not bad for the last day of the season. I was on line for Firehawk, but the ride was experiencing some difficulties at the time. Not a problem, I will just come back to it. I rode the Windseeker, a swing ride, similar to the Skyscreamer at GA. as my next ride. I rode Delirium, the Drop Tower, and the Windseeker once.


My next stop was to experience the Beast during the daytime, and I thought it was okay, it is just as good during the day, but I loved riding the Beast 10 times Friday night. It was totally breathtaking and mindblowing at night. I rode that twice before doing Diamondback a couple more times. Once again, I did not find a huge difference with the Beast and Diamondback during the day. I rode the Beast and Diamondback twice in that period. It was around 2:00 at this point, and I stopped in the Reds Hall of Fame Grill in the Rivertown section of the park, I didn't eat there, I wanted to walk around and they had some neat exhibits in the restaurant. I saw when they last won the world series in 1990 and my cousin Rob Dibble was with that team, and also saw my dad's favorite player's plaque, Tom Seaver, who was traded to the Reds from the Mets. I am a Yankee fan, by the way, but will root for the Mets every other time except when they play the Yankees, the team I that I rooted for since birth.


I wanted to ride the Stunt Coaster, but that had some technical difficulties as well, but saw that Vortex was running, I rode in the back row of Vortex with a 7 year old boy, because his mom did not want to ride because it was so rough. Therefore, I decided to ride with him and she was cool about it. Boy, was she right, that was the roughest ride I have been on since I've been here. My restraint even got stuck, and had to literally call for help. I will not be riding this again, and I felt a little dizzy after.


It was already halfway through the day, I wanted to ride the Diamondback and Beast again, because I really like those rides, they were nice and smooth. I rode the Diamondback again, and The Beast two more times. After riding the Beast, I went to retrieve my Banshee souvenir cup, but my locker would not open and had to call for security. Despite the issues with the lockers and Vortex, I wasn't going to let it ruin my last full day in Ohio. I was flying back to New York the very next day. After that, my plan was to ride the Banshee as many times before closing as possible.


My last ride of the day was of course, Banshee, and there was a "conspiracy" going on there, they were in search of the 2 millionth rider, not bad for a new coaster. I rode the Banshee eight more times, all from 5:30-6:30. During the time, I was able to experience every single row on this mindblowing coaster. On my 10th and final ride, I saw my buddy, Tom from the other night and rode it with him for my final ride of the 2014 season. It was 6:30, the park would be closing in 30 minutes, my last stop was to get gifts for the rest of my family before it closed for the season. I was out of the park by 7:00, and the sun had already set on the 2014 season.


In the 2014 season, I went to 7 different parks, 2 ACE events, 4 parks for the first time ever, 3 times to my home park, Six Flags Great Adventure, I have never done that in year's past. I rode many new coasters including Boulder Dash, the Beast, Banshee, Diamondback, Bizarro at Six Flags New England, and many more coasters. To be honest, I am not sure how many coasters I have ridden at this point. I have made a lot of new coaster buddies, including attending Riding of the Bull for the second straight year with my buddies from my ACE debut. I really hope to build on that number in 2015, and speaking of that, ACE's annual convention, Coaster Con, will take place at Great Adventure, my home park. My other goal for next year is to go to Cedar Point, America's Roller Coaster. Well, that does it for the 2014 season, this will sure go down in history for me. Take care everyone and have a joyous holiday season. Keep on Coasting.

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It's a coincidence that you mention Ohio State since I'm there right now for a college visit.


I agree about Beast at night-the only other woodie I've ridden that even comes close is Toro. However you liked Diamondback way more than I did-to me it felt like a forceless B&M compared to Nitro which isn't afraid to have positive g's in addition to floater air.

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