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Darth Vader & C3PO?!?

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On Facebook I was sent a link to his picture and caption asking if it was really at GA...




Danny sent in this fun shot of him posing with a pretty ersatz Vader and C3P0 from Six Flags great adventure in 1981.


Here's the link to the Facebook post and description.


I thin it's either a false memory of it being at GA (people often think all parks are the same), or mis-identification (people on eBay often post Great Adventure stuff that clearly says "Great America" or some other park's name on it because they have no idea there are multiple Six Flags parks).


I think it's funny that Darth Vader is wearing a Battlestar Galactica cape in the picture.


I have never heard of a Star Wars themed photo op in the park, and can't imagine they would have allowed it with character licensing what it is, but who knows...


Anyone know if it's real or bogus?

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Looks like Vader had a homemade mask for awhile before it was replaced with a more accurate mask. That C3PO is scary looking! Late 70s, was a early time for Star Wars licensing still being in its infancy.

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There was a walk-thru Star Wars Attraction on the Boardwalk in Wildwood for years. When Empire came out, it changed over to that. The last time i was in Wildwood the building was still being used as a walkthru as the Mummy 3-D.


And the Darth Vader in the Photo-op reminds me of a "sleastack" from the old "Land Of The Lost" TV show.

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16 hours ago, GAcoaster said:

The C3PO imitation looks closer to the Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the character:



That is based on the female robot from Metropolis.

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