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Six Flags Great Adventure?

Shouldn't it be against the rules for all rides, for health reasons? You know, girls have cooties.

ANSWER:  When Time Warner acquired Six Flags Great Adventure they went through the entire property and looked for ways they could improve the theming in the park.  Each and every building and structur

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Can you see the photo in your keyhole still? I have one from around 1993 that got pretty abused in my old F150. The picture is faded but my wife and I are still pretty clear. The other night I used my phone and was able to take a pretty good picture of the picture. I almost didn't remember having a beard with no gray.

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ANSWER: The dark room was at the Keyhole Photos stand to make those little slide viewer doohickies.





We got one of these way back in the 80's and we had it on my wife's dresser for a long time. But when I went to look for it recently my wife said we threw it away a while back..... :(

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