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Ya know, I actually saw that Witch in my sleep last night. This puzzle is driving me crazy~~ I know I saw that

witch, I remember it....but I can't remember where!! Wow. Not a puppet theater, nor arcade nor shooting gallery.

Hmmmm..... was there a dry ice effect in the cauldron? I'm thinking it was some kind of interactive thing for kids where items were "added" to the pot. Perhaps the fresh candy store?

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Holy cow this thing is driving me nuts! It's on the tip of my memory. My kid sister got involved with this. I remember it.

I've been trying to call her and get her to check out this board before I go stark raving mad. 3 yellow balls. Not a game. Interactive for kids. Not at the boardwalk.

I need to get my kid sister in here to have a look, she would remember for sure. ya know, for some reason I remember disliking this thing. The witch annoyed me. Now I dislike it even more. lol

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Highlight the text below and click on the photo links for the answer to the mystery photo:


The witch diorama was one of five "Magic Hands" interactive displays scattered about Bugs Bunny Land. These kiosks aimed to entertain young guest with sound effects, motion, and lighting. These were all triggered by placing your hand in the marked areas which broke a light beam starting the special effects. Magic Hands were added to the revamped Bugs Bunny Land in 1988 and removed during the mid 1990s.


Click here to see the answer - photo #1.


Click here to see the answer - photo #2.

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