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I am going to take my last guess on this as I don't want to be unfair to anyone else. I think it could be Congo Rapids as umbrellas could be whipped out to avoind splashes and a pointed object could put the raft as a whole at risk of popping. Just a though and if not good luck to everyone else :)

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No, not part of the fireworks show. I don't think your luck has run out, I think I just need to make these easier! :P This is a tough one.


Let's recap:


- There were 36 of these things.

- They don't exist today because their purpose was unfortunately eliminated.

- These were parts of something that could/can be found on the park map.

- All 36 of these served the same purpose on a single object.


So we have something on a park map that contains 36 of something.


New hint: These were found on a ride.


Good luck!

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