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GA Mystery Photos & Trivia


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I was thinking the top of an old pay phone, but later for that.

Trying to determine if those are hydraulic hoses or electrical lines, then I might be able to figure it out.



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I was thinking maybe the old Skyride backup motors.


I thought of that too, but they wouldn't fit in with the purpose no longer needed clue.



How many cars are on the Giant Wheel? I was also thinking some kind of fixture on the cars, but again, that wouldn't fit into the no longer needed clue.





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Things to provide power for the lights that used to be on all of the cars?


That's right !!! Congratulations! You guys are good !!!


It is a picture of the electronic brush contacts that provided electric to the lights built into the cars of the Giant Wheel. The in-car lights were non-functional by the early 80s but the brush assemblies weren't removed until the wheel was completely dismantled for a major rehab during the winter of 1992-1993.







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Question #5


Which of the following two statements is true? The main fireworks dock on the Great Lake is .....

1. ... in a fixed position. It was constructed on pilings and does not move.

2. ... a floating dock securely moored in place. It can be moved next to a small stationary dock on the far side of the lake for repairs.


Everyone has a 50/50 chance with this one - Fixed or Floating?




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Mystery Photo #6


I think this is a hard one. My hat's off to you if you can get it!



- The item in this picture served two unrelated purposes during its time at the park.

- It was removed within the last five years.

- It seems like a "back stage" type shot, but anyone could have taken it from this angle.


Good Luck !




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Hmm...I have two thoughts. If the first one is wrong, I'm going with the second.


I think it's the balloon from one of the Main Street shops (I forgot the name)


My second guess is the little Apollo like Space Craft outside of Shuttle and Centrifuge

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