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Revel Casino Hotel to become water park

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Straub: Revel to become water park

CAMDEN — Revel Casino Hotel's new buyer plans to build a huge water park and run high-speed ferries from Manhattan as part of a grand redevelopment of the shuttered megaresort.


Glenn Straub, a flamboyant Florida developer who is buying Revel out of bankruptcy, detailed some of his plans during a break this morning in a hearing on the final court order approving the $95.4 million sale.


U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Gloria Burns approved the order.


Straub told reporters he wants to build the world's biggest water park at Revel, what he described as a $108 million project that would be both inside and outside the Boardwalk complex.


He also mentioned having high-speed ferries or catamarans operate between Atlantic City and Manhattan to bring tourists from the New York market.


Straub also disclosed that he will remove the Revel brand from the building and sell the naming rights to the casino.



Source and Additional photos Here

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I'm really looking forward to this. The indoor waterparks near me aren't too great and if they have a lot of slides indoors in addition to outdoors and it is open to day guests or they offer season passes, I'll probably buy one. If it is successful, I'd like to see them try an indoor amusement park with a few rides and a coaster that isn't a kiddie coaster.


Hopefully it does well. The closest waterpark is the one in Ocean City which is just 2 body slides, a sky pond ride, lazy river, cannonball slides and a kiddie area and this sounds like it will be a lot better than that.

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I think it said it would still run as a casino and when I hear that I am, "what the heck are you trying to teach juveniles Christie?, you will be the worst president of all time if you run and win".

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They have been saying for a while they want to make AC a more family friendly resort destination town. This would be a step in that direction. I don't see this as a negative words Christie. Would I personally go to a water park in AC, MEH. but if this does happen I will be very interested to see how it turns out. Revel was a very nice facility but with the way things have gone with the building I like to use the term " I'll be leave it when I see it".


As for ferries from ny to ac I don't know if I would want to be in one of them when the Atlantic turns choppy

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Hopefully it works this time. In the late 80's/early 90's they tried the same thing adding more family friendly attractions. Showboat had a bowling alley, Harrah's had a really nice arcade, Trop World had Tivoli Pier indoors which had a family coaster, bumper cars, ferris wheel, simulator, dark ride and fun house and then it seemed like years later they decided to go back to not focusing on families, when those attractions started to be removed.


Borgata opened and then had the rule you can't be under 18 even to go to a restaurant unless you were a hotel guest (and I think they still have the same policy). Taj Mahal went from having a nice arcade to being like Borgata and now allowing anyone under 18 for a few years. Steel Pier has a run down feel to it compared to the parks nearby in Ocean City.


As it is now, I go to Atlantic City for the casinos (I'm an extreme low roller, usually betting 5 to 7 cents a spin at the slot machines) and then go to Ocean City if I want to walk the boardwalk, play mini golf or go to the amusement piers.

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I took my kids to AC this past Memorial weekend and camped out at a nearby local place. Even though we enjoyed the beach (not nearly as crowded as OC and parking was cheaper), Steel Pier was just ok and there was not too many other things to do with them. It would be a nice addition; Even if they added a few teen (13-17/18 yr olds) places where they can enjoy themselves (besides bowling/mini golf etc...) They need something "unique and different" to bring people back to AC. And something year round.

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