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Great Adventure's Water Tower Spotlight


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^Good catch Rich! i changed that. We actually drafted this Spotlight back in March 2013 and waited until now to release it with its new happy ending (paint job).


"We will release no Spotlight before its time!"



Glad to see its being painted. And ill bet you mentioned my ballon Idea that I stated in My Ideas for The Park...HAy do I get some free be if they do? LOL


I did pass it on back then but no word.

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No, the park never had a WB on its water tower. During the years that Time Warner was involved in ownership of the park they used Bugs on the tower (50th and What's Up Doc?). It would have made sense to use the WB Studios logo (below) being it was the backdrop to Movie Town, but that never happened.



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That's one of my shot's from 5-1 at 10:00am. The 2 Baynum Painter's were on top finishing up all morning. But i just uploaded all my shot's of it from yesterday, in a few you can see the painters. And i didn't grab any shot's from inside the Park (a rookie move, i know lol) I only had my Phone, and it's a crappy zoom so sorry. But at least my shot's of the guys installing the Flames on "El Diablo" are "Spotlight Worthy", didn't need the zoom.gallery_208_401_535400.jpggallery_208_401_231274.jpggallery_208_401_240660.jpggallery_208_401_346744.jpggallery_208_401_25777.jpg



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