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I always the last 10yrs or so pick up some of the more collectable item's the Park offer's. Fridge magnet's, snow globes, etc. I actually just needed a replacement for the smaller Snow Globe that has alot of the past and present coasters (i also need a replacement Ka one) and was luckily able to grab the last one that was on the storage shelf in the back room of "Flags" that i saw a couple week's ago one day when the door was left open (i asked the lovely Lady that runs Flags during the week if i could buy it and that i saw it earlier) Main St. Market had a shelf left of them as clearance this season but they sold-out a couple weeks ago. I think all those smaller coaster and Safari snow globes are gone now, not the cheap plastic ones the Park has now. But i really don't like the item's the Park is offering this season so far, no quality, ride and Park specific items this year. Alot of cheap plastic stuff. There are some higher end, DC Superhero item's in a couple of the shop's, but i only get Park item's, not the DC stuff that has nothing to do with the rides. They need to get some better items in the shop's.



Thank's to whoever moved it. We can use this thread to talk about if any decent collectables come up through current season's so nobody misses anything good that comes along. And if anyone has not grabbed one the Anniversary t-shirt's that were for Passholder's only last season, "Flags" has the last of them on the rack right behind the register's. Anyone can buy them this year.

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I would probably say to grab one of these while they are around this year unless some more item's for it show up during the season. I don't see them making alot of merchandise for it after the "new" wear's off. And does anyone know if the "Slurpee Boot" this year has at least the Six Flags logo on it? I consider that "new" Coaster Cup, or HH Tube that Dippin' Dots had the last couple year's.



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