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Kings Dominion Removing Shockwave


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I can't say I didn't see it coming and I know many in the coaster community are rejoicing at its certain demise. However truth be told, personally I thought that this coaster was actually pretty fun. There was a weird type of stand-up airtime on the bunny hills at the end, and I personally thought it wasn't really too rough, especially compared to other coasters at the same park. However seeing that it is leaving (and possibly to another park, though that option seems unlikely at this point) It does open up a good size area for future expansion. Maybe for a few flat rides

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We all saw it coming. I personally thought it had 1 or 2 years left given the recent repaint, but I guess I was wrong. I guess with this and Vortex at California's Great America being converted to a floorless, this really is the beginning of the end for Cedar Fair stand up coasters. Seems like they're going to convert or remove every one of them. (By the way in a few years i'll look back on this post and find out if i'm right!)


EDIT: By the way King's Dominion will be announcing a replacement in August or September according to a local news release.

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