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7/26 TR


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I finally got out to the park for a visit, and enjoyed myself a lot!


When I got there I found long lines at the entrance, but using the new 'guests without bags' line I got in within a decent amount of time.



All rides open today! Also notice a typo in the name for one of the rides?


Seeing the amount of people at the gate I immediately got a Platinum Flash Pass since this was likely my only visit for the season. I would end up making good use of the double riding privileges during the day.


The first ride I reserved for the day was Kingda Ka, and I took the Skyride over from the Flash Pass booth to the other side of the park.


Ka was a great first coaster for the day, love the launch, drop, and the view at the top; I rode in the second row. After the first ride I stayed on for my second one but when we were waiting on the launch track the ride broke and we had to be rolled backwards into the station. Next was Zumanjaro, which I was riding for the first time. I loved this ride, drop towers are my favorite non-coaster rides! Since the next reserve time my Flash Pass was giving me was only one minute later, I just waited for a minute next to the Flash Pass merge point and rode again!


Next I reserved El Diablo, which I walked right on as a single rider with the flash pass. It had a really short wait anyway, probably only one cycle. I thought the spiel about 'entering the seventh circle' and the evil laugh when it hangs upside down were pretty cool, but other than that I really didn't find the ride anything special. Probably not something I would wait in line for.


Next I rode El Toro in the back row using the Platinum Flash Pass, they stopped the ride to put the second train on while I was next to load which was interesting to watch. It was as good as always, love the first drop in the back and the ejector air on the RT hill. Next was lunch, I tried the new Macho Nacho and found it very good! I ordered a chicken and cheese quesadilla which was hot and tasty, which came with chips and (a very flavorful) salsa. It was also nice seeing the Mets game on the bar TVs! Before eating I couldn't resist reserving El Toro again and getting in two more rides, this time in the second to last row.


After lunch I reserved Ka again to make up for only getting one ride before, this time I got both of the two rides the pass entitled me to. Again in the second row and just as fun as last time.

Next was Superman, which using the pass allowed me to ride twice. I love the forces in the pretzel loop, and I find the inline twist at the end to be fun too. The operations were really good at this coaster, barely stacking the trains at all!


Next I reserved Green Lantern, but only rode once. I didn't find it to hurt my legs as much as it did last year but I still like the other coasters in the park better.


Next I rode the log flume using the flash pass, riding once. This is still one of the best flumes in a seasonal park, the trip through the woods is nice and I got pretty wet too, without the splash cannons! After was Bizarro, using the flash pass and riding twice, I forgot how good this coaster is. The fire worked today too! The operations were slow, but the operator at the panel seemed to be trying to help move things along, calling out the rows with the shortest waits to try to get more people on each train.


After was Nitro, using the flash pass to ride twice. Even though B&M hypers have advanced since this ride, it's still one of my favorites. The helix is still the only thing on any coaster that makes me gray out. The operations were horribly slow at this coaster, however. The trains nearly always double stacked!


The last two rides I reserved were Skull Mountain and Skyscreamer, both ridden only once. Skull had more light in it than I remember in the past (seemed to be leaking in from the front of the building) but the music and effects were all working. Skyscreamer also had its music playing, but I couldn't tell what the song was.


A couple of final pics from my visit:



Survey markings in Lakefront, old Festival Stage completely gone



Air Jumbo has a sign! Don't think this has been reported on here yet.


Final Ride Count:

El Toro-4x

Kingda Ka-3x

Nitro, Superman, Bizarro, Zumanjaro-2x

Skyride, Log Flume, Green Lantern, Skull Mtn., Skyscreamer, El Diablo-1x

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Nice report. I love your descriptions of each ride -- vivid and on point.


The operations were really good at this coaster, barely stacking the trains at all!


LOLing that this is the new standard at this park; oh, how the mighty have fallen.


Also glad to hear Macho Nacho was good -- looking forward to trying it on my next visit. Makes up for that disgrace of an Air Jumbo sign....

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Great report, it sounds like the Platinum Flash Pass was really helpful for getting a lot of rides in.

Yes, although the park wasn't super crowded it certainly helped for the amount of rides I wanted to get in.




Nice report. I love your descriptions of each ride -- vivid and on point.




I agree the Air Jumbo sign is pretty bad, the sign itself plus the fact that it was slapped on top of the operator booth shows that they didn't really put much effort into it. Especially since we've seen plenty of good signs from the park, they can definitely do better.

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