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Morey's Piers Week of 8/16


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I have been in Wildwood all week and was at the piers multiple times during the week. I had been a bit worried after reading the negative reports of their operations on here but I had a great time! The biggest things of note to me:


Somehow the Sea Serpent had absolutely NO headbanging whatsoever. I rode it 3 times, twice in the front and once in the second row.


The new Kong flyers were really fun! With the combination of being right near the ocean and being perched on top of a store they were really easy to get moving. They also must have relaxed their policy on snapping since both times I rode it they said nothing about it being not allowed. I also saw no one kicked off the ride at all for any reason.


Although it feels much shorter their drop ride Atmosfear has a drop more powerful than Zumanjaro.


The Maelstrom ride was closed the whole week, the first time I went it was just closed but the whole ring of seats was completely gone by Thursday leaving just the base of the ride arm sitting there. Every other ride was open though.


The Great White is a much smoother ride than it used to be, in the front it is nearly perfectly smooth, in the back it's a bit rougher but no more than any other woodie. The back gives a lot more airtime though.


If you can handle spinning they run their music express really well, they're not afraid to run it at a blistering pace going backwards as well as forwards.


Unfortunately the Great Nor'easter ran one train the night I rode it and the Great White still runs one train in the afternoons (but both at night).


"it," their version of the Claw at Hershey, has lap bars instead of shoulder restraints. As far as I know it's the only one in the world with them.


Final ride count:

"it", Moby Dick, Sea Serpent--3x


Great White, Kong, Tilt a Whirl--2x


Atmosfear, Riptide, Music Express, Flitzer, Doo Wopper, Great Nor'easter, Tea Cups, Swings, Bumper cars, Tornado, Giant Wheel, Gravitron, Zoom Phloom, Rock and Roll--1x


Unnamed coaster on Ferris wheel pier--1x :P

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I really liked Kong, when I rode they did play a prerecorded warning to stop snapping in the middle of one of the ride cycles. Things went more smoothly on my second trip there last week, but they do need two operaters for the pirate ship ride, one to load and a second to unload to speed things up.

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