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Hershey Park Trip Report 8/26


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For the first time since Coaster Con XXXVIII, I visited Hershey Park in the sweetest place on Earth, Hershey PA. I arrived at the park around 10:15 am. After having problems with my printer and my phone (which didn't cooperate on the way), I went to guest relations to get my ticket for the day. After I got my ticket, I went to the Hospitality Services center in the main area of the park to see if I could purchase a Fast Track pass for the day to get on the coasters quickly, I was able to purchase the pass. The pass itself is like the Flash Pass System at Six Flags and the Cedar Fair Wristband. It was a sheet that had all the coasters available for that day, but the only con was that you only can use it once, unlike the others, where they allow you unlimited rides.


My first ride of the day was Skyrush, which opened in 2012, I used the pass, you gain access to the ride by going up the exit, and they have rows reserved only for Fasttrack users. I was in the middle row for my first Skyrush ride of the day. I thought it was a very good and intense ride just like Nitro. I stayed in the same area for a while, and rode the Sooper Dooper Looper, which is similar to GASM.


After I rode Skyrush and Sooper Dooper Looper, I rode the Great Bear, a B&M inverted coaster, similar to Batman and Bizarro. I rode that three times, all in the front, middle, and back rows respectively. I really liked that ride. I did 3 rides in a span of 1 hour. I wanted to walk around Hershey Park to get a feel for the place because I have not been there in 6 years. I visited Hershey 5 years ago on the way to Atlanta for a weekend, but I did not go to the park, I went to Chocolate World for some candy for the ride to Atlanta.


I chose the Comet as my next ride of the day after walking around the park for a bit, and it reminded me a lot of the wooden coasters I've been on in the past. As an ACE member, I appreciated the wooden coasters as many of our club members do. There are not too many of them left unfortunately.


Now that I've conquered the four coasters in that section of the park, I rode Fahrenheit next, and some of the attendants did not understand the Fast Track system. So, I waited a little bit until I can ride. I met a family from NJ and told them about ACE and convinced them to join, I educated them about it, and they learned something new every day. Fahrenheit reminds me a lot of Kingda Ka, but it was a bit longer.


I came here to pick up some new coaster credits, I rode the Wildcat, another wooden coaster, Hershey has a really good selection of wooden coasters. Since it was right across the way, I chose Wild Mouse, and it is a wild mouse style coaster. just like Dark Knight, that ride was a little rough, and I rode it only once. It was around 1:00 at this point, I was walking the park to find Laff Trakk, the brand new coaster for 2015, I found out, I waited 35-40 minutes for the coaster, it had a really cool funhouse glow-in-the-dark theme to it. Now the ride itself, I enjoyed it, it reminded me of Dark Knight and Skull Mountain, more intense than those two combined.


I walked around a little more, I chose to ride Lightning Racer, a dueling coaster, reminds me of Rolling Thunder, I rode it on both sides, the Thunder side (green train) and the Lightning side (red train). Our train won the race both times, I heard from another park-goer, that the winner alternates every time. After riding both sides, I used the fast track pass for LR, I stayed on the Lightning side, but this time, I lost the race, but 2 out of 3 is not bad. I really loved this ride, and all the racing coasters, they are so much fun.


I was getting hungry and thirsty, I had a hot dog, sausage, and water, normally I don't eat too much at a park, because I would feel very bloated for the day. After a quick lunch, I rode Sidewinder and Storm Runner, both in the same area. Sidewinder is a boomerang coaster, while Storm Runner, is a launched coaster similar to Kingda Ka. Hershey has two rides similar to KK, but not like it. I rode all the 9 coasters on the fast track for the day. I got done with the first go-around right around 3:00.


It was now time to do some re-rides, I chose to ride Skyrush again, because I really liked it, I rode that three more times in the front, second, and back rows respectively. I wanted to get all the perspectives. I rode Skyrush 4 times, and it was a walk-on with the exception of the first ride, which I used the pass for.


With one hour before leaving for the day, I walked around to see if I could get on a couple more rides, but decided to ride the Lightning Racer, that was one of my favorites. I rode on the Thunder side for my last ride, and our train won. I rode LR 4 times. It was 6:00, that meant time to leave for the day. We had a 3 1/2 hour ride home ahead. Overall, it was a good day to be at Hersheypark, the sweetest place on earth, the crowds were not bad for a Wednesday before school starts. If you are in school, i wish you the best of luck this year. I'm not sure when I will return to Hersheypark again, but I liked the park, it was very clean. I know for a fact, I will be at my third consecutive Riding of the Bull at Great Adventure on September 12th. It is a fun event and so worth the 14-15 hour day. I just hope for nice weather, because it was hot last year at ROTB.


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