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9/2 Pre-Riding of the Bull Trip Report


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I made my 5th visit to Six Flags Great Adventure for the 2015 season on Wednesday September 2, 2015. It was my 2nd park visit in as many weeks, as I went to Hershey last week. My sister came up with the idea because my mother and her were going to Belmar Beach for the day and they invited me to go to Six Flags while they were at the beach. Why not, I have nothing to lose and I have a season pass membership, and that is the whole point of having a season pass to make unlimited visits to the park.


I arrived at the park shortly after 10:00 am, and it doesn't look like it's going to be crowded because everyone is starting to get back into the whole routine with school, work, etc. I met Roger, one of the security guards in the front, and he did an amazing magic trick, I was really astounded by it. He had a small cloth in his hand and mysteriously put it in the sleeve of my t-shirt and also had two dollar bills which he turned into a two-dollar bill. I have seen him many times at the park. As soon as I got settled in, I went and purchased a flash pass because I personally love using the system despite the low crowds. It's just me at the park, and I have nothing to lose. I used the gold pass 4 times this season and my next one (my 5th), which will be of course ROTB in 10 days, will be free. On the 5th flash pass, it is free. I have a card which bypasses the training.


My first ride of the day was Kingda Ka, I was waiting for the front row because I have not done it before, but since there was an opening in the second row, I settled for the second row, but I will do the front row on KK one day, maybe next visit. It was a good way to start, and I stayed on that side of the park for about an hour. I went and rode El Toro next, and there was absolutely no line at all. It was just a brief wait for the front row on El Toro, I rode the front row for my first Toro ride of the day, and since there was no line, I was allowed to ride again without leaving the station, this time in the back row. I rode the front and back rows on El Toro the day before Coaster Con XXXVIII. After riding Ka and Toro, I made the short walk to Bizarro, and rode twice in the front row. It is dead at the park, and that is what ride enthusiasts live for. After Bizarro, I got a text from my coaster buddy, Stefanie, that she was at the park as well with her children, her friend and children as well.


Before I went to work yesterday and knowing I was going to be at the park, I sent a text to my coaster buddy, Stefanie, to see if her and the kids wanted to join me for the day. Sure enough, as she said, it was fate, that we met up at the park. I wanted to meet up with her and she was very happy to see me, I have not seen her since Riding of the Bull last year. I met her at the parachutes and after her kids, Kay and Nick got off the ride, I met them, I wanted to meet her children because we talked about them so much. I walked with her and her crew for the day, and caught up. We walked to the other side of the park and rode some rides in that area.


We rode Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train (which I rode for the first time ever), I picked up a new coaster credit, #84, I thought the ride was pretty good, it reminded me of Catwoman's Whip at SFNE. I rode that twice, it allows double rides, I rode the Buccaneer next and that was my first time riding that as well. It was nice for a change of pace. Next, we rode Skull Mountain and after that, they went on some rides, while I rode Nitro twice, that ride is just so amazing no matter what. It was a preview for morning ERT during Riding of the Bull. Next, I rode Namtab: Batman Backwards. It was amazing, and then i rode Nitro again. After Nitro, I rode the Dark Knight, because it was in the area. I met my friend again, and it was good hanging out with her and her two children, it was a pleasure meeting them.


It was after 2:00 at this point, I rode Superman and Green Lantern once, and I wanted to ride as much as I can because I was going to leave at 5:30 to head home. I wanted to get a little something to eat and drink, because it was hot and humid at the park today. I got an Oreo churro and a small Coke, I tried an Oreo churro during Coaster Con, and it was delicious. I like to eat small while at the park.


After riding Superman and Green Lantern, I had a little time left, and I closed out my visit by riding my all-time favorites, Nitro and El Toro as much as I can before leaving for the day. That will no doubt be, what I will ride most during the exclusive ride time sessions next Saturday. The signature moment of Riding of the Bull is ERT on "The Bull" itself, and that will take place at 9:00 PM for two hours after the park closes to the public that night. I rode that two more times before closing out my visit with Nitro, my all-time favorite at Great Adventure. I rode El Toro 4 times today. My last ride was of course, my beloved Nitro, I rode it two more times to make it five. I always close my visits by riding either El Toro or Nitro. I will close out ROTB by riding the Bull of course. What a fitting way to close out Riding of the Bull Siete. I may even break my records on my two "powerhouse" giants at Great Adventure. I rode Nitro 12 times and El Toro 10 times on Day 2 of Coaster Con XXXVIII. Riding of the Bull is certainly going to feel like Coaster Con XXXVIII Day 2 all over again.

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