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Photo Trip Report: September 2nd, 2015 - Aqua Demolition Well Underway

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Would love to be able to see exactly what was so prohibitively expensive to repair and maintain at the Aqua Spectacle.


Look at the condition of some of the steel in the photo below. The stadium far exceeded its expected lifespan. I have heard that they were battling with deterioration and repairs by the end of the 1974 season.



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I'm assuming you are talking about the left side wall of the stadium with the rusted/bent beams that run parallel to the ground. If you look at the main support structure (the lighter gray beams supporting the seating area and the darker gray beams running perpendicular to the ground that support them at the back of the stadium), it is incredibly free of rust of any kind considering it's been there more than 40 years. The beams on the left outer wall support only whatever material they used to cover the stadium's outer shell (stucco?) The walls at the back of the stadium appear to have been removed first and, again, appear to have few bent beams or significant rust for a structure that has weathered 40-years of four seasons AND a salt water environment.



I was under the impression (and I'm not sure why), that the real damage to the stadium was related to the pools leaking as well as the salt water system.


Maybe we could get Donald Trump to make Great Adventure Great Again?!

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