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2017 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA


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WIth a new CEO, they might not even do them like they have anymore. Have to wait and see, either way i doubt Reid Anderson will be doing them, unless they make him the "face" of the Company now in his reduced role.

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It's probably not going to happen, but it would be awesome if they were to do the announcements like Cedar Fair and have them do individual videos, and make them nice looking. All I remember is when Reid Anderson would do them.


I meant that the videos cedar fair makes always are so cool.

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After seeing SS today, I really wish our JL ride would be SS themed. The voice of Enchantress just seems like a voice you'd hear in a dark ride.

I have to agree as I thought the movie was really good and would translate well to a dark ride where you have to save Midway City from Enchantress. It would also be nice to have a unique dark ride as opposed to the cookie cutter JL rides (not that the general public will ever ride more than one but besides the point).

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I haven't seen the movie but would Six Flags want to have a ride name with Suicide in it?

In specific relation to the movie I wouldn't have an issue with it since the title refers to the 'suicide missions' they go on in the movie and that's it. Thinking about it the movie it would actually make a really good dark ride. Only problem is it might not be as family friendly as JL would be. Edited by RC98
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Hey Guys! It's me Mr.Six here! So, today we are almost 100% sure a Justice League dark ride is coming to Great Adventure, but, anything more than that? Now, being Six Flags, lets face it- I doubt it, however this park needs a flat ride package like Six Flags Over Texas got in 2016. A nice Frisbee and some enterprises! Now, again I highly doubt this, however, it's just some things maybe we'll get in 2018.



-Sincerely , :rolleyes_smeyes:


Mr. Six...



Great Adventure





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Meeting Minutes are up: http://www.jacksontwpnj.net/documents/minutes/planning_board/index.php?dir=2016/&file=07-18-16.pdf


ENGINEERING/PLANNING MATTERS Administrative Approval - Great Adventure, Block 3101 Lot 11 -

Mr. Klee advised Great Adventure’s 2017 capital improvements involves construction of a 25,000 sq. ft.

building, 33’ in height to house an attraction opening in the 2017 season. It will be placed where a previous

ride was located and will be undisturbed. The use is permitted and we should hear testimony for timing.

Mr. Peters had nothing to add.


Ray Shea, Attorney for the applicant, advised there is no tree removal or interference. The building is

sufficient in size and the same manufacturer built a similar entertainment arena in Chicago but we can’t

give much information. It is consistent with our policy and is located in a developed portion of the park. Mr.

Hudak asked where it will be visually located. Gregory Minenna, Great Adventure (sworn) along with

Robert Schultz, Construction Manager. Mr. Minenna informed it will be located near the chiller ride, batman

ride and behind the dark knight. Mr. Hudak confirmed it is replacing the chiller ride and that the ride will

be inside of this building. Mr. Klee informed it is conforming and meets the setback and height limitations.

Mr. Peters stated it is a permitted use. Mr. Shea stated we’re here as a courtesy to keep you informed and

Mr. Bressi stated Great Adventure has a great track record for coming forward every year ahead of time

and it is only minor changes to inform.

Opened to the public; no one came forward.

Motion to close public comment by Kern/Haring. YES: Unanimous among those present.

Motion to approve 2017 Capital Improvements based on the Planner and Engineer's statements by

BRESSI/Flemming. Yes: Kern, DiStefano Miller, Flemming, Bressi, Haring, Riccardi, Hudak.

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Well, that settles that then. Makes the announcement anti-climatic.


...Unless the announcement includes a selection of FLAT rides or other attractions in addition to the Dark Ride. We can only hope !!!

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