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September 27th, 2015

Coaster Kang

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Last Sunday was the first day for my trips to Fright Fest. Crowds were small and the trails were fun. I got there and rode Houdini since it was supposed to be the haunted ride thing and it was Fright Fest. The wait was a while but I was able to get in once the doors opened. After that I ran over and did Skull Mountain front row since there was only a 2 train wait. It felt a bit faster than usual and was a real fun ride. After that I went and got a burger at Johnny Rockets before I met up with my friend. We got up and wasted no time, going straight to The Manor, which seems to get worse and worse every year which sucks because it used to be my favorite trail. After that we did Total Darkness, which was even worse than usual. We then walked over to the newer Big Top Tent, which was really cool. That one was probably my favorite. We then walked over to Bloodshed, but it wasn't open yet so we decided to ride El Toro. On the second hill my friend's glasses from BTT flew off. We laughed it off but then the ride broke and we were stuck at the station for at least 15 minutes. Once we got off we did Bloodshed, which is pretty cool. It's like the horrendous Crop Circles from last year but much better with much more. After that we did Voodoo Island, which has stayed at the same quality since it opened, maybe a slight decline. After that, we went over to The Wasteland, which is always great. After that we went and saw the Hypnosteria show. I went up on stage and ended up faking it for the 40 minutes. Once we got out, we walked right over to The Asylum. The lines were EMPTY, and it was horrible this year. After that we went to get drinks, then we left. There were 4 good trails this year, but the others are HORRIBLE.


Good Trails:

Big Top Terror


Voodoo Island



Horrendous Trails (AVOID):

The Asylum

The Manor

Total Darkness

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