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Quick Trip 10/4


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The main point of this trip was to pick up my first season pass, which was really easy. Just scan the voucher at the front gate and get a card. It seems like a much better setup than the old way I used to hear about with the special processing center in the park and long lines.


Once that was done I went to Kingda Ka which I saw running despite the slightly windy conditions this morning. I got there to a nearly empty station and a walk-on to the 4th row. Always love the launch! After one ride the station was full so I went to Zumanjaro and had a walk on for this too. This is my favorite drop tower, I even found myself screaming which I almost never do on rides.


Next was El Toro, I had to walk around the Boardwalk to get to it since Safari Discoveries doesn't open until 12. It was a one train wait for the second to last row. Always a great ride, although a bit sluggish due to lower temperatures the first drop, first airtime hill, and RT hill all still had great ejector air.


Last was Skyscreamer, which was also a walk on with only one other person on the ride. It was so windy that when the spinning sped up for the second half of the ride cycle my seat twisted well over 90 degrees and would have probably continued to twist if I didn't grip the chains to get them to stop LOL. It also played the song Danger Zone from the movie Top Gun which I thought was cool.


Unfortunately I had to leave after this since I had other plans for the day but it was still a great time. The fact that I did all this in less than an hour shows just how empty the park was! I wonder if it got any more crowded later in the day when the weather got better.

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