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Wiggles World- Now Becoming "Safari Kids" for 2011

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I am happy to hear that we will be getting unique theming that doesn't involve Looney Tunes or Superheroes. Bring on the Safari trucks ride and something themed to Rip the elephant. Now, if they would only paint the hot air balloon ride (Racing to the Rainbow) vehicles to resemble the original Great Adventure hot air balloons!



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I think the best thing about this news will be Animal Shows at the Stage. It has alot of good possibilities. And who know's, maybe they will do the Balloon Ride as the old Hot Air Balloon's. I'd also love to see Chiller's Observatory made into a Museum as well, but that is for another thread.

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The new themes have been announced for Safari Kids:


Big Red Planes: Air Safari - Soar through the sky over Safari Kids.

Bouncin' with Wags: Jumpin’ Joey - Kids can hop on Jumpin’ Joey and have a blast bouncing and dropping.

Big Red Cars: Safari Tours - Kids can join in a convoy as they cruise through Safari Kids.

Racing to the Rainbow: Sky Zooma - Hop aboard this mini hot air balloon ride that soars more than 40-feet up in the sky above Safari Kids.


No word on the S.S.Feathersword boat.


It appears that Looney Tunes Seaport will not be part of the Wiggles retheme.

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I just realized that exiting Skull Mountain will make sense again! Anyway, I'm glad that this is what the park is getting, but doesn't that mean that we will have two Jungle themed areas? That's going to be a little difficult to advertise...

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I wonder if Safari Kids will include a petting zoo similar to the park's old Pet a Pet area. It could easily occupy the area of the S.S.Feathersword.


I also wouldn't be too surprised if the bright colors of Wiggles World survived. After all, they are used at the Affection Section in Disney's Animal Kingdom.




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