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Wiggles World- Now Becoming "Safari Kids" for 2011

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Dear Six Flags America,

Your Safari themed carousel would look great in our "new" Safari Kids area!


While at Six Flags America on Sunday I was impressed with their Safari themed carousel ride. Even though our antique carousel in the theme park is in desperate need of an extensive refurbishment, I was admiring this carousel as an addition for the Safari Exploration Station. The SES has become very popular and this would surely help draw even more visitors. I guess you could call it 'Shopping Six Flags Style'!








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I think we should get a seperate Balloon Race with the GADV Balloon design. It's all part of my dream where half of Fantasy Forest (the side with the Ferris Wheel) is turned back into Strawberry Fair with flats representing the history of the park. Sigh.....

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That's a definite on the Animal Show? I figured they would bring out some of the smaller animals on that stage. Maybe with the money they are saving from closing the Temple Of The Tiger, we will have smaller Animal Exibit's throughout the park. Perfect time to really capitalize on the Safari, bring that theme into the Theme park more, besides just Safari Kids.

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