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2016 New Years Resolutions


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Mine is...


Weight reduction (like every year),

Spending reduction (like every year),

Being nicer to my wife (like every year),

Finally getting my knee fixed, knee replacement (like every year),


well... you get the point!

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Mine is Six Flags is annoucing new rides for 2017 like Justice League dark ride for SFGADV.

And also, I'm celebrating Sonic's 25th anniversay with new Sonic anniversary game in next year.

I hope the Sonic game isn't trash; some of the games they made in the last 10 years weren't that great that Sega stopped selling some of their games that had mixed to negative reviews on Metacritic


My resolution is to wait for the front row on Kingda Ka instead of the shortest line.

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I want to make the best roller coaster trip I could dream of out of my upcoming trip in July. I've had a part time job the last year so my savings wouldn't take a hit in doing so, so I want to not hold back and enjoy something amazing before college.

Speaking of, I want to set myself up really well in my First Year Engineering courses at Purdue starting in the Fall. That, and make some new lifelong friends while I'm at it.

2016 is going to be a key year for me, and I can't wait to get started.

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I would love to travel more. I always have the travel bug but nobody to ever travel with so hopefully a friend has the same resolution lol


I'm the same way. I've actually started getting stuff together so I can go to Florida in October. One of my good friends is in Tampa so Me, her and her husband are going to Busch Gardens Tampa, Universal (if I can go) and hit up Disney (since she works for Disney). I'm also looking into going to Cedar Point, Kings Island and back to Kings Dominion & Dorney.

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