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Holiday in the Park 12/30


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I finally got out to HITP today and had a lot of fun! Since I was there with the rest of my family I didn't ride as many coasters and instead checked out a lot of the cool holiday stuff!


After arriving I rode Batman first, a one train wait for the front row. Always a great, intense ride and didn't feel at all slowed down by cooler weather.


Next was Nitro, a one train wait for the second to last row. I got the best floater I ever remember having on the curved hill after the first drop, the rest of the ride felt slightly slower but still really fun. I saw Total Mayhem supports in the boneyard but forgot to take a picture.


After, the rest of my family met up with me and rode Skyscreamer. Fun as always! After I rode Deja Vu, which had a new set of music for the holidays. I heard "Jingle Bell Rock," "Frosty the Snowman," and another one I didn't know.


Next was the Dark Knight coaster. There was a delay in the car loading after me so we stopped on one of the brake runs during the ride, it was cool being the only ones in the big dark room for a couple of minutes.


After was Poinsettia Peak, which other than the name was exactly the same as Skull Mountain, strobe lights, death metal and all LOL. One train wait for the back row, the pop of air going down the first drop was a cool surprise!


After I saw the Jack Frost show, which despite generally low crowds in the park was nearly full. My favorite part was the misfit toys with all the puppies.


After I rode Buccaneer and Jolly Roger and had a cup of hot chocolate, which was better than I expected! Now that it was dark I walked around and saw all the lights, which were all beautiful and well done. I think my favorite is the lights strung on the Carousel, they're so colorful and I like all the patterns they form!


Finally before leaving I saw the Christmas tree light show. All the different designs were really cool, and that song is going to be stuck in my head for a while haha


Overall I had a great time, I hope the event comes back for years to come!

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I'm not a big fan of hot chocolate but I must say that the hot chocolate at Holiday in the Park is awesome. I even splurged and got one of those funnel cakes. I rode Skyscreamer last night and regretted it immediately as the ride got to the top. It was nice to see Skull Mountain decorated that way, I thought it looked really good. But I agree, weird having the effects and death metal blasting on the inside.

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