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SFGADV in Minecraft - Now open!

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Hello GAH, for the past few months I have been working for a server that has been recreating SFGADV in minecraft. Sadly, SFGADV is not open yet but it will open around the same time it does in real life!









gallery_4021_1067_268071.png Server ip: mcadrenaline.hostbukkit.com:28694

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are you an AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO) Harry?


I am lifelong fan of LEGO, although I no longer build. However, I do pick up a kit or two when I see one that I like. The last ones I got were the Big Bang Theory set, the Scrambler (Mixer) ride, and the Carousel a few years back.

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Hey nice job! Just by coincidence I've been working on an Enchanted Forest recreation on Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Except I didn't spend nearly as long on it as you have been. I never really played Minecraft but I can tell that took a lot of creativity. Its funny, most people would have no appreciation for the time it takes to build these kinds of things. My RCT2 recreation is here if you're interested.

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As you can see, we have been mostly working on the left side of the park, Green Lantern has been finished and looks amazing! The completion of other areas including boardwalk and Plaza de Carnaval have followed up, including Frontier Adventures. We are starting the zoo at Golden Kingdom. We plan to open the day of March 26th. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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As you can see we have working flat rides at our park now! We used command blocks to help us deliver the perfect ride experience that you want and need. Six Flags Great Adventure will be opening in Minecraft on MCAdrenaline, March 26th at 1:30pm! We invite all to come and explore this wonderful recreation!

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