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Gr.Adv.Debate #31: Which is a better color for the Log Flume?

Log Flume Color  

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  1. 1. Which Log Flume color do you think is better?

    • [img]http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Forums/uploads/gallery/category_35/gallery_2_35_617890.jpg[/img]
    • [img]http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Forums/uploads/gallery/category_35/gallery_2_35_543895.jpg[/img]

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I like the red better. The whole section looks ten times better in the top picture. It's a shame how ugly the park gets as the years go by. You would think they would do things to improve the park, instead of doing things that make it so unpleasant. The original color of the flume blended with the other colors in the area. Now they paint things colors that clash with everything around them and think they look good because they "stand out". Sticking out like a sore thumb does not make something attractive, it makes it ugly. Most rides in the park are giant metal towers, they do not need to be painted loud colors to make them stand out. They should be painted colors that blend with their surroundings.


Unfortunately the red color for the flume probably would not work well now because the other elements of the area that it blended with have been destroyed. Perhaps a hunter green to blend with the trees would be better, until they cut the trees down.

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