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Photo Trip Report: March 13th, 2016 - The Joker Construction Tour


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First off big thank you to Harry for sending me out to the tour for the site and big thanks to the park for organizing this!

The tour started with a quick and easy check in over at the employee entrance and we made our way to the chiller area.

Not much to see, its just now very open and had piles of gravel. Park said its general plans are to have asylum put back there. The park knows it is prime real estate and hinted possible use for 2017 or later(in the near future).

We then made our way over behind batman to see the trains! They are being stored where the support columns were stored earlier in the season when they arrived. The train colors are very vibrant in person and they do look comfortable.

After our train visit, it was time to head to The Joker. On the way there we stopped by the big wheel and were told it is getting a new loading platform.

We then arrived at The Joker and had free range to walk around, just not under for a good chunk of time. The ride is almost complete with just a few more pieces of track left. Seeing it in person and unclose is pretty impressive.

While at The Joker you could see BBLT got a (nice) paint job of red track and black on the sides.

Once our time at The Joker was finished we walked to Grannys with a stop at the new Sky Bar which is still under construction.

While introducing us to the Sky Bar the park took time to mention other new eateries coming as well- Go Fresh Cafe, and Villains Cafe along with new shows- This Magic Moment(taking over Paw & Disorder) as well as Wild Life Games (animal olympics theme)in Sea-Fari Theater.

Once in Grannys our tour concluded with a Q&A with the Park President with some snacks and refreshments and the park gifted us with an exit pass for The Joker.

Extra Notes-

-Ferris Wheel will not be open opening weekend while they finish the platform

-BBLT/Harley Quinn will open as soon as it is ready, way before The Joker. Just waiting on new sign and trains to be refurbished.

-The Jokers “HaHaHA’ sign in the plaza is no more :(

-Joker should be finished this coming week with testing beginning april most likely.

-Sky bar will not be open opening day


-Many rides and coasters were testing


-Nitro appeared to have its supports painted, but as we got closer i wasn't sure and we weren't told that it was or wasn't going to get painted.

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Great report and pictures. it looks like the tour was really cool.


Thanks! It sure was interesting and a different way to see the park.


Looks like it was a great tour! The Joker trains look nice and the restraints look pretty comfortable. I'm curious about what food the Sky Bar will serve and if there was any theming hinted at being in the queue for the Joker.

I believe the Sky Bar is just going to have 'snack' type food. As for theming the only things I heard mentioned was the Joker face and tent are still supposed to exists, but the "HaHaHa" sign is no more.

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The question was something like "Is the park doing anything to preserve its history?". She also tied the museum into her question. John replied by saying Harry runs the Great Adventure Historical website. He said a little bit more, but I don't remember exactly what he said. (James, do you remember?) Nothing we don't know already, though. :)

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I remember the person asking if there was any plans to preserve the parks history and he joked "you mean besides Harry?" And went on about the site, and how you worked at the park and briefly mentioned 'classic' and 'historical' type rides and how he does think it'd be a good addition- ex adventure alley.

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It only took almost a decade, but Chiller's station is finally gone, yet the observatory still remains. I'm going to wager they have something planned for that area in 2017, hence why the old queue is still there. Who knows, maybe a new addition to the old station's footprint is exactly what we need to finally re-open the Old Country area year-round. Opening that walkway for Holiday in the Park was a step in the right direction, so let's hope that more will come out of it.


I'm also really loving the whole makeover that Blackbeard is getting. On the one hand, there's going to be one less "pirate themed" ride in that area, but on the other hand, Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters from Batman's rogues gallery and she gets to be right next to her "puddin' ". I can't wait to see what the new trains look like, but it's a bit sad once you realize that we'll never see that Blackbeard sign in that one picture ever again. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, I guess.

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